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    22 March 2017: GOP health plan has grave consequences

    I can’t imagine that they could just cut it off. – Melinda Champion Melinda might want to re-imagine because they—congressional Republicans—could and would do just that. “It” being the $4100 annual credit Melinda and her husband Robert receive courtesy of Obamacare to pay for her osteoporosis medicines and gastric sleeve and Robert’s blood pressure medicine, life-sustaining treatments for both. Melinda and Robert voted for Donald Trump for reasons only they can explain. But with them and thousands of others, if…

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    My 13 Daily Practices

    When looking back over my life’s course of events, it seems as if there was a pre-arranged master plan or road map that I was intended to follow in order to…

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    About the Book

    Sisyphus Wins is my first serious foray into writing fiction. The novel, emanating from a place deep within the unconscious, tells an archetypal story of a boy trying to make sense…