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Download past episodes of Jerry’s radio show The Writers Talk, hosted at 102.7 FM – Idaho Springs, Colorado, where Jerry interviews local authors, writers, and publishing experts in the indie-publishing book industry.

Jerry Fabyanic, author of Sisyphus Wins interviewed by Greg Markle
Tim Hall, author of Marines Never Cry
Catherine Spader, author of The Return of the Wulfheddin and Feast of the Raven
Laurel McHargue, author of Waterwight and numerous other works
Parenting at Your Best
A Parent’s Guide for Journaling to Their Child
Aaron Michael Ritchey, author of The Juniper Wars
Mario Acevedo, author of University of Doom and the Felix Gomez series
Cheryl Carpinello, author of Guinevere: On the Eve of the Legend, Sons of the Sphinx, The King’s Ransom, and other tales and legends for adolescent and young adults
Jon Bassoff, author of The Blade This Time
Annalisa Parent, author of Storytelling for Pantsers
Travis Heermann, author of the Ronin Trilogy
Ingrid Pyka, President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association Board of Directors – “All bout CIPA and the World of Self-Publishing”
Rhys Llewellyn, author of Neptune’s Treasure, Sunrise at San Attarium, and Letters of Henry Fulton Griffin
Catherine Spader, author of Feast of the Raven and The Return of the Wulfheddin
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Writers Talk

Writers Talk is a platform for Colorado writers to come to the KYGT studio in Idaho Springs, CO for a live one-hour conversation about their writing, works, and self. The conversation is recorded and uploaded to both mine and the radio’s websites. An audio file would be available for you to capture and then to host on your site as well.

Call-ins can be an option, but on-site talk is best to produce the highest quality conversation.

If you are interested in being a guest on my show, please fill out the info below and I’ll be in touch soon.

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