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    Higher Living Reflections

    The Last Conversation

    One of life’s greatest blessings is an individual’s network of friends and family. The tough part comes at the end, when a member of one’s personal tribe dies. Some pass unexpectedly; others pass slowly, perhaps after a pain-filled stretch combatting cancer or another deadly disease. No matter the circumstances though, the pain of the loss is great. For those moving through the final stage of anticipated death, an opportunity might exist to say goodbye, to have a last conversation with…

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  • Higher Living Reflections

    Passion v. Intensity

    I enjoy being with and listening to passionate people, even on topics in which I might not have an interest. I can be a captive audience, listening raptly to those going…

  • Higher Living Reflections

    A Cure for the Blues

    Every human has likely felt lonely at some point in his life. Many feel it chronically. Merriam-Webster cuts to the essentialism of loneliness in its definition: “being without company; cut off…